Tradition since 1958


Tradition since 1958


Tradition since 1958


Tradition since 1958

Nectaflor Africa

nectaflor – the signature of a fine, 100% natural honey

nectaflor values

60 years of trusted quality

Since the establishment of our company in 1958, we have been passionate about honey created under our honey brand nectaflor – a 100 % all-natural treat – a source of enjoyable luxury and well-being, prepared in our family-owned company, Narimpex, based in the historical town of Biel, Switzerland. 

Honey is a natural product

The history of honey as a source of energy and sweetener is almost as old as humanity. The bees’ product was highly valued as divine nectar in Ancient Egypt, Babylon, India and China. And across Africa, honey has always played a key role throughout history. Today, as back then, honey is synonymous with pure indulgence, natural pleasure and not least pure energy.


Is nectaflor honey a 100 % authentic all natural honey? Is nectaflor honey suitable for diabetic consumers? To get more information about nectaflor honey or nutrition, please consult our FAQs chapter.

Honey a royal natural product

Every honey is unique. The different types of honey differ according to origin, extraction, taste and colour. Above all, the value of a bee year is crucial – no honey harvest is like another. It is the nectar of the various flowers gathered and transformed by the bees into honey which produces the characteristic colour, taste and aroma of each nectaflor honey – an authentic symphony of aromas, pleasure and health.

We support fair trade, sustainable Bee farming and the environment

We care about and are committed to 100 % ethical sourcing. We ensure that our trusted bee farmers are bound by fair trade regulations for their high-quality products. We strongly encourage and promote sustainable bee farming through EDUCE and Epsach ecological bee farming initiatives, which are also supported by nectaflor. All our packaging material is designed to reduce the environmental impact while also ensuring that nectaflor products are effectively protected.

Honey isn’t just honey

The quality of the honey and the careful processing are essential to keep the health benefits of the honey in the honey. At nectaflor, we ensure that all our honeys meet the highest quality and production standards. We work with beekeepers who don’t boost productivity of bees, so our honey contains no traces of antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals. Honey collection can be done by smoking out the bees, a traditional method that leaves harmful chemicals in the honey.

Blossom Honey

Blossom Honey

Amber coloured, well balanced and with a wonderful flavour

Blossom honey is a wonderful addition to any breakfast, in cooking and baking as a natural sweetener and is also recommended for soothing face masks. A smart way to kick-start your day. Great on corn flakes, bread, oats, in porridge, yoghurt, on pancakes, in chai, stirred in hot water, for honey mustard and marinades.

We offer our delicious blossom honey in a 500g jar, a 250g squeezer and a 28.4g bottle.

Wild Flower Honey

Wildflower Honey

As you may guess from the name, wildflower honey is derived from nectar that comes primarily (or exclusively) from wildflowers. The interesting thing about this variety of honey is that every type will be slightly different. The various combinations of different wildflowers make this a very special and unique variety of honey.  Wildflower honey is a great concentrated source of carbohydrates and sugars, as well as minerals that will stimulate the metabolism and provide your body with the energy boost it needs.

We offer our delicious wildflower honey in a 250g squeezer.

Acacia Honey

Acacia Honey

Gold coloured, smooth and finely scented

Acacia honey is a delicious, sweet runny honey. It crystallizes very slowly. The mild acacia honey pairs perfectly with tea and is an ideal alternative sweetener for baking or cooking. 

The white flowers of acacia trees are an important and big nectar and pollen source for the bees.

We offer our delicious acacia honey in a 500g jar, a 250g squeezer and a 28.4g bottle.

Orange & acacia honey

Its light amber colour, sweet aroma and creamy texture provides our body with numerous benefits; it contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic effects and strengthens the immune system. It also has a very good antibacterial effect, reduces infections and is an excellent remedy for healing wounds. Orange acacia honey can not only be used to spread on bread, it is also delicious in teas, yoghurts and cereals. It should be on every breakfast table. 

We offer our delicious orange & acacia honey in a 250g squeezer.

Mountain blossom honey

Mountain honey

Amber coloured, revitalising and refreshing

Honey known as high mountain honey is honey produced by bees from the high mountain flowers, at altitudes of over 1,000m, from landscapes where wildflowers grow. Traditionally, flowers at higher altitudes produce less nectar and pollen.

We offer our delicious mountain honey in a 500g jar, a 250g squeezer and a 28.4g bottle.

Forest honey

Forest Honey​

dark coloured with a full-bodied aroma, loaded with etheric oils

The forest honey is also called honeydew honey. While blossom honey predominantly consists of flower nectar, the bees collect honeydew for forest honey. The name forest honey derives from the fact that honeydew is mainly to be found in these forest trees: spruces, oaks and firs.

We offer our delicious forest honey in a 250g squeezer.

Black forest honey

Full-bodied taste, a savoury delicacy

nectaflor’s black forest honey is rich in potassium and natural antioxidants. For optimum vitality and strength, enjoy black forest honey every morning directly from the spoon.

We offer our delicious black forest honey in a 500g jar.


Propolis in honey

From the sap of trees, which consists of etheric oils and minerals, bees produce the valuable propolis. Three spoonfuls a day help to cure respiratory tract and stomach infections.

We offer our delicious propolis in honey in a 250g squeezer.

Royal jelly

A fountain of vitality and energy

Royal jelly is full of strength and vitality. Royal jelly is fed exclusively to the queen bee, who lives 50 times longer than an ordinary bee thanks to this extra power. The extraordinary properties of royal jelly are what make it possible for her to lay 2,000 fertile eggs a day.

We offer our delicious royal jelly in a 250g squeezer.

Bee pollen

While gathering the flowers’ nectar, bees simultaneously collect bee pollens that are rich in minerals and vitamins.

For a natural source of great health and vitality, stir bee pollen into yoghurt, add it to mueslis, cereals, milk, mix it into smoothies or sprinkle bee pollen over salads.

We offer our delicious bee pollen in a 240g jar.


Used to restore and maintain health and well-known for its rejuvenating abilities, ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. As the root is bitter and the taste unpleasant to most people, combining it with honey gives it a pleasurable taste. Ginseng in blossom honey helps to improve tonus and stimulates the immune system. Just take one spoonful every morning during breakfast.

We offer our delicious ginseng in a 250g squeezer.


Why should I buy honey from nectaflor?

nectaflor honey which is prepared by Narimpex SA, is a family owned company founded in 1958 in Switzerland, puts product quality, consumer experience and satisfaction above all. You can smell, taste and feel the difference.

Where can I buy nectaflor products?

All leading retailers stock nectaflor. Should you not find a nectaflor product at your favourite retailer, please let us know. We will try to remedy the situation.

Is nectaflor honey produced in Switzerland?

nectaflor honey is produced by bees and then prepared by us at Narimpex Ltd. in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland.

Is nectaflor honey pure and natural?

nectaflor honey is not processed, pasteurized or otherwise processed.  The only “processing” which is done is its cleansing of any foreign particles commonly found in beehives.

Can nectaflor be fed to toddlers?

Just like any raw food, nectaflor honey, a 100 % natural raw honey, is not recommended to be fed to toddlers under the age of 12 months.

How should I store nectaflor honey?

Store nectaflor honey at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Honey has a long shelf life, but as with all food products; the fresher the better.

Is nectaflor honey suitable for diabetic consumers?

The main sugars of nectaflor’s honey are fructose and glucose. While taking into consideration their daily calorie intake, nectaflor honey is suitable for diabetic consumers. Persons suffering from diabetes are sometimes more concerned about overly low blood sugar levels. Their aim should be to have stable blood sugar levels, and nectaflor honey can be of considerable help where this is concerned.



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